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Super Stainless Spring 2012

Download Super Stainless here! (privately hosted, totally safe, no pop-ups!)

1. Season of the Shark - Yo La Tengo

2. Justice is Waiting

3. The Great Pan is Dead - Cold Cave

4. All of Me - Tanlines 

Director Julian Barratt talking about his inspirations for the video.

The amazing dance scene from CALVAIRE (The Ordeal) he’s referencing:

The trailer for CALVAIRE, which is my favorite movie:

Julian Barratt in my favorite TV show, Nathan Barley:

5. I Can’t Live Far From My Music - Lucas Santtana

6. Ohhh - Davila 666

7. I Love You, Awesome - The Phoenix Foundation (from Eagle vs. Shark soundtrack)

8. Halfsharkalligatorhalfman - Dr. Octagon

9. Our Swimmer - Wire

10. The Adversary - Crime & the City Solution

Couldn’t find any clips of The Adversary, so here’s The Dolphins & the Sharks, which actually works well with the mix because of the title, but I don’t like the song as much.

11. Carpet Rash - Total Control

Constantly scouring the internet for more live clips of Total Control.

12. Sail and Power - Ideal Forms live at St. Vitus

Ideal Forms first show!

13. Jaws - Venom P. Stinger

14. Madness - Federation X

15. The Ripper - Judas Priest

16. Fast As a Shark - Accept

17. Shark Bites Back - The Monorchid

18. Jaws II - Venom P. Stinger

19. Sharks & Sailors - June of 44

Download Super Stainless here!

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